Yoga mat upside: Which Side of Your Yoga Mat is Up?

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Hello there, fellow yogis! Let’s dive straight into a common question I hear a lot: which side of the yoga mat is upside? Knowing the correct orientation of your mat can really enhance your practice, so let’s figure this out.

Understanding Your Yoga Mat: Which Side is Upside?

When you unroll your mat, you might see subtle differences on each side. Generally, the side that’s textured or has more grip is the yoga mat upside. This surface will help your hands and feet stick to the mat during those trickier poses.

Consequences of Using the Wrong Side of Your Yoga Mat

Now, you might ask, “What happens if I use the wrong side?” It’s not a catastrophe, but using your mat upside down can potentially reduce its longevity. The wrong side may wear out faster or get dirty more quickly, and your grip might not be as good, potentially affecting your balance and safety.

Tips on How to Determine Your Yoga Mat’s Upside

If your mat isn’t clearly marked, here’s a tip: try the “downward dog” test. This pose requires a good grip. Try it on both sides of the mat, and you’ll feel which side is meant to be the yoga mat upside.

FAQ: Common Questions About Yoga Mat Orientation

A question I hear sometimes is, “Does the orientation really matter?” In my experience, yes, but there are no strict rules here. If you’re comfortable practicing on a particular side, that’s perfectly okay. Remember, yoga is about your comfort and mental peace.


That wraps up our quick guide to identifying your yoga mat upside. Remember, the “right” side is usually the one that offers more grip. However, yoga is a deeply personal journey, and if you prefer the other side, that’s just fine. The most important thing is your comfort and the joy you get from your practice. Happy yoga-ing!

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